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Click here to take a trip with Laura Dare's CD 'Wherever You Go'.

Click Here to listen to the soundtrack from the feature documentary Boyhood Shadows.

The 14 song CD explores many genres with Laura's powerful, emotive vocals at the center of the ride.

"Creativity is second nature to Laura Dare" said Tom Leyde of The Californian. Wherever You Go supports Leyde's sentiments.

From the heartbreakingly beautiful title song, Wherever You Go, to the "see ya later alligater" blues rock feel of Roadbound, Dare will definitely move you!

Vanja Thompson of The Coast Weekly said"...her bluesy pop songs and breathy clever lyrics are reminiscent of Ani Defranco".

Others have compared Laura Dare's vocals to Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant and Joan Osborne. Although, Laura Dare has been influenced by these incredible artists and many many others, the feedback Laura receives most often is that she is an original.

Treat yourself to this progressive artist's record.
It is guaranteed to move you - Wherever You Go.