I grew up in New York, one of many girls strumming my guitar through teenage angst.

My love of performing (or my desire to be the center of attention) led me to pursue a B.A. in Theater, and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts.  I got my M.A. at Columbia College in Chicago where I really enjoyed hanging with the envelope pushers. They made me feel downright normal. What a relief.  Being with painters, sculptors, filmmakers, dancers, singers, performance artists, and writers helped me appreciate, develop and integrate my love of all the arts.

Making my way to the Central California Coast in the late 90s,  I found my home. My place.

I am a Californian, (oh hell yeah, where else?), a partner, a mother, a singer/songwriter, a collaborator, and a friend to some truly authentic human beings.

I am not saying my life is always an easy one, but it is very often a lovely one. And the hard stuff? That is what songwriting is for.